Automatic federal & state labor law compliance

Fast, affordable PTI compliant traceability

Remove labor inefficiencies & save thousands

Don’t Rely on Old Data for New Decisions

Your data is important, and your ability to act quickly can save you thousands.

Real-Time Analytics

Speed, Reliability, Flexibility

Get your fruit out of the field faster. Instant farm production data available at anytime.

Harvest Management

Save Thousands, Instantly.

Prevent waste and overpay. An efficient workforce can save you thousands every day.

Labor Management

Case Count

Pallet Weight

Varieties, Timestamps, Location

Time & Attendance

Work Order, Repack Tracking

Pallet Location & Timestamps

Yield Analytics

Tray & Pallet Weights

Track Variety Yield

Track Location Yield

Save Money,


And Headaches

24/7 Support

100% Server Uptime

Job Tracking

Piece Rate

Pay Auto Minimum Wage

Time, Attendance, & Productivity Workforce Efficiency

Pack style Tracking

Case Traceability

Driver Records


Visibility into your

entire operation

Because of PickTrace we can now use real-time organized analytics to make tough decisions on efficiency and new variety plantings. PickTrace allows us to track harvest rates and tonnage during the season which is an incredibly valuable tool for us. Travis Carini

Carini Farms